9 Things Every Man Should Do For Better Sex, Health & Strength For Life

As you grow older, you body changes. It breaks down easier, you're more susceptible to aches, breaks, and disease. But if you're willing to make small changes today, you can have a large effect on the future. Do you want to laugh when your AARP card shows up 20-years from now? Or will you anxiously be waiting for it so you can get a discount for you and Shooter down at the Sizzler?

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17 Science-Backed Tips to Better Sex

The nerds are back at it again! This time they're giving easy-to-follow tips and tricks to better sex. What do socks have to do with orgasims? Does spending more on your engagement and wedding mean you're more likely to stay together? Why does watching a scary movie mean you're more likley to get lucky during the credit?

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12 Signs You're Dating Your Roommate

Ahh... the roommate. The bond you build with that person can be unlike anything else. But what happens when roommates turns into something more? It doesn't matter if you have an actual boyfriend or girlfriend, all of that time together can lead to something more. You share your triumphs and your tribulations, the day-to-day and life's curveballs. You can merge into a couple without even knowing it.

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