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    Popsicle Check

    This site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. No polar bears, beavers, grizzleys or Inuits were hurt during building it..

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  • Montreal Meatpie

    Canada's Hard Water Problem

    Canada has a hard water problem because it's frozen most of the year. But why not slide up next to a Montreal honey and....

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  • CanadianSexActs.org

    Hey Hoser - Part II

    Parliamentary law strictly prohibits the use of the material on this site by any persons not of such age. If you are not of legal age or are unsure of your age, please exit immediately..

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  • 1 Old King Clancy
  • 2 Reverse Rick Moranis
  • 3 Saskatoon Totem Pole
  • 4 Musty Goaltender
  • 5 Sticky Flapjack
  • 6 Squatting Eskimo
  • 7 Five-Legged Caribou
  • 8 Newfoundland Lobster Trap
  • 9 Manitoba Milk Bag
  • 10 Two-Handed Zamboni
  • 11 Edmonton Soiler
  • Old King Clancy

    William Shatner, Canadian or No?

    Old King Clancey was a merry ol' soul... but man, did he ever enjoy himself!

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  • Reverse Rick Moranis

    Go to school in Canada. All the students get straight "ey's".

    What do you get when you cross Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with Ghostbusters? Easy - the Reverse Rick Moranis!

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  • Saskatoon Totem Pole

    "Schwing!" - Canadian Mike Myers

    Saskatoon is always more fun when you have someone to warm up your totem pole

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  • Musty Goaltender

    Do you know what moth balls smell like?

    It's a 2-on-1 breakaway. What do you do between the poles?

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  • Sticky Flapjack

    Just spread the moth's legs and take a whiff!

    The best way to enjoy flapjacks is with friends... but be care of the maple syrup!

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  • Squatting Eskimo

    When it comes to curling, Canada rocks.

    I bet you've always wondered what's under that Inuit parka, haven't you?

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  • Five-Legged Caribou

    Canadian coins are called 'Loonie' and 'Toonie'. I wish I was joking.

    Yep five legs... one, two, three, four... you know where the fifth is. UP TOP!

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  • Newfoundland Lobster Trap

    "I don’t trust any country that looks around a continent and says, ‘Hey, I’ll take the frozen part.’"– Jon Stewart

    Once you're in the trap, it's nearly impossible to get out. This isn't for the faint of heart!

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  • Manitoba Milk Bag

    "If some countries have too much history, we have too much geography." - Prime Minister King, circa 1925.

    The best way to combat the cold Canadian nights is with a warm bed and a full belly.

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  • Two-Handed Zamboni

    Ryan Reynolds, Canadian. Yey or ney?

    Big strong machines aren't only meant for the ice.

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  • Edmonton Soiler

    The US porn industry is under threat from Canadian softwood.

    Edmonton isn't called the Kansas City of Canada for no reason.

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Salty Prime Minister

Bigfoot sighting in Sasquatchewan.

Work up a good, salty sweat with your sweetie, eh.

Expand Your Northern Border


2 Girls, 1 Stanley Cup

He shoots, he scores!

Canada's version of winning "The Belt".

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Sloppy Dog Sled: Let them take a ride on your Iditarod Mush!

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Halifax Fudge Badger: As we learned in the Lassie episode, badgers are feisty. Learn More

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